Amnesia Haze


The THC content of Amnesia ranges from about 20% to 25%.
This strain is distinguished by its chunky,
dense flowers which show a synthesis of indica and sativa bud structures:although tightly-packed,
the buds are more tapered and comical than round.
Depending on how they’re cured,buds will have a greenish to yellow tint.
Rust-colored pistils, meant for the flowers to catch pollen from other male cannabis plants,
stand out against the leaves.
Phenotypes of Amnesia can vary, with some playing host to more cloudy white trichomes than others;
psychoactive potency can also vary in these cases.
Notes of wood, especially cedar, are evident in the buds. Breaking open the buds gives off a faint spicy scent,
which may be familiar to fans of other strains in the Haze family. Despite all this richness, smoke is smooth when inhaled.
The taste, both immediately and when exhaled, is again typical of Haze strains, with a spicy and citrus-infected flavor.
This can be a pungent strain, and the smell of smoke may linger.
Amnesia has many of the great qualities that mark both indica and sativa varieties, although
users may land on the more thoughtful (or even hyper-thoughthful) end of that spectrum. The high comes up almost immediately,
inducing cerebral thinking and a sudden acute awareness of surroundings. In a positive set and setting, this mental sharpening can lead to a euphoric state of mind.
Users may feel an improvement in mood as well as an energy to accomplish tasks. Although cerebral,
Amnesia also has enough of an indica backbone to also provide relaxation and contemplativeness.
The combination of strong mental and physical effects makes this strain a good choice for activities that involve both mind and body,
including but not limited to exercise and sex.
More medically speaking, Amnesia Haze’s sense of focus can be helpful for those with attention deficit disorders who have trouble concentrating on specific tasks.
It can also be a strong appetite stimulant. On the negative side, those prone to anxiety may experience some degree of paranoia due to
Amnesia Haze’s tendency to bring on a sense of frantic mind-race; as such, cannabis newcomers may want to temper initial dosage of this strain.
This variety’s strong high also tends to last longer than average.
Grown outdoors, Amnesia requires a predominantly hot climate with consistent temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
It can easily be grown indoors, however, as plants are more typical of indica varieties — limbs reach more horizontally than vertically,
with a bushy stature that doesn’t usually exceed more than 3 or 4 feet.
Growers should trim broad fan leaves at the top of the plant in order to let air and light reach flowering nodes on the lower branches.
Amnesia takes an extremely long time to mature: plants flower within 10 to 12 weeks, making this a tough strain for commercial growers to cultivate for profit.
As such, it may be difficult to find in the cannabis retail market. Personal growers can raise Amnesia Haze plants from seed or from clippings taken to produce clones.
The very long flowering time rewards growers with trichomes and with 60 grams or 2 ounces per square foot of plant.
Despite its relative rarity, Amnesia is a popular strain in areas where cannabis is openly cultivated.
Its even, well-balanced high is versatile for both mellow and more boisterous use. In particular, it can leave users chatty,
making it a good addition to social situations. Alternatively, Amnesia is a good choice for focusing on work in an isolated setting.
Its energizing high is more likely to leave you wired than sleepy,
Amnesia Haze’s high and comforting earthy taste is just the thing for spending a cold day indoors.



Amnesia Haze’s tendency to bring on a sense of frantic mind-race; as such, cannabis newcomers may want to temper initial dosage of this strain. purchase cannabis online
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